Things You Can do to Prep That Won’t Cost You a Dime

The issue of money is giving headaches to many preppers with low budgets who, after watching certain reality TV shows and seeing the huge amount of survival info on the web, reach the conclusion that prepping is expensive.

In reality, there’re quite a few things you can do to prepare that are either free or dirt-cheap. In addition, most of them are completely under the radar (meaning no one will suspect why you’re doing them). If you have a spouse who’s against preparedness or if you live in an environment where prepping is frowned upon, you’ll find a few good suggestions to do it in a way which won’t draw attention.

Do the following and you’ll be much better prepared for what mankind or Mother Nature will throw your way.

#1. Get into shape.

This is by far the most important free thing you can do for your survival. If you’re bugging out and you have poor physical condition, you won’t stand a chance with a heavy backpack on your back. Plus, think about all the people you might encounter who will want to hurt you. Disasters turn men into beasts, who would do anything to protect their families.

If you’re bugging in, you’ll also need to be fit. Caloric restrictions, physical labor (from working the garden or the field), these will all take their toll. A weak body won’t last very long in these conditions.

As recent events in Germany, Sweden and other countries flooded by migrants/refugees have shown us, if you’re chased or groped by a bunch of attackers, you’re going to need every ounce of strength to fend them off and run away.

#2. Make an inventory of all your stuff.

I’m sure you have a lot of old things lying around the house… in your garage, your attic, your tool shed… things you haven’t seen or used in years. Many of them might help you post-collapse. Books, old clothes, old magazines etc. You can recondition all of these clothes, then store them away from moths and you can sell those books and magazines and use the money to buy preps.

#3. Read.

There’s so much info out there on survival and preparedness that it doesn’t even matter what’s good and what’s bad. If you read everything, you’ll inevitably form your own opinions and figure out which advice is good and which isn’t.

Blogs, forums, podcasts, type preparedness into google and you’ll literally find millions of pages. I suggest you take notes or, even better, start your own blog to write your progress or share your thoughts with the world.

#4. Explore your town or city.

Look for places to hide, places to bug out, and alternative routes to take if the main ones are blocked for whatever reason. This will also give you quite a workout. If you’re thinking about moving out of the city into the burbs, this will be a great opportunity to explore them. Not all neighborhoods are safe and, if you’re going to pick a place to bug in in case of a major disaster, you’ll want that place to be as far away from burglars and looters as possible.

#5. Check local old newspapers and news sites.

You’ll most likely find plenty of news about personal emergencies and mini-disasters you can learn from… people that died or got seriously injured for whatever reason. These will give you an idea of the things that are most likely to happen to you. The more you research, the better you can prioritize your efforts.

Tip: these news stories will also help you prove a point when talking with people about survival. everyone thinks it’s all about the Zombie Apocalypse but if you show them real people died not far from where you’re located, they be more likely to understand you.

#6. Become a coupon king or queen.

You’d be amazed at all the free things you can get with nothing but coupons. The trick to getting as many free coupons as possible and then use them during sales periods to get items for next to nothing. You can find coupons, online (on coupon sites), offline (in papers) and even in stores.

#7. Make primitive tools.

Not that you’ll need them anytime soon but learning this skill is definitely valuable. You are going to need a good survival knife, but I’m sure you already have one. Some of the tools and weapons you can make from wood and stone include:

  • spears
  • grain grinders (you’ll need two stones, a larger one that needs to be carved and a smaller one to pound seeds, herbs, rice, beans and so on)
  • hand axes
  • daggers
  • rock slings (you’re also going to need some cordage for this)
  • …and so on.

You can find instructions on how to make these tools on YouTube. For example, you can see how to make a primitive spear right here:

And this is what a rock sling looks like as we as some techniques to throw it right here:

#8. Digging caches.

Most preppers won’t go as far as digging caches in their backyard but that doesn’t mean you can’t. All you need is a good container to hold your things and a shovel. Consider PVC pipes and ammo boxes.

Final Word.

The fact of the matter is, I could have written a lot more things to prepare that are 100% free but… that’s not really my goal. Information overload often translates into inaction and my goal is to get you to actually do these things.

Remember that crisis can take any number of shapes and that my suggestions, while aren’t targeted at specific disasters, they might save your life in an SHTF situation. They can give you a head start if you don’t have that big of a budget to start with.

Careful when purchasing gear, though. You usually get what you pay so, trying to save money by getting something cheaper is definitely not a good idea. There’ plenty of products on Amazon with many reviews, I suggest you read them thoroughly before you purchase anything.

Good luck and stay safe,

Dan F. Sullivan

Dan is a guest contributor to this blog. Please visit his web site to learn more.

Two Important Prognostications for 2016


I think we are headed for a currency crisis that is going to make the financial crisis of ’08 look like a Sunday School picnic. -Peter Schiff

When all else fails, they will take us to war. -Gerald Celente

My opinion: The time is NOW to turn ALL your dollar-denominated assets into real physical gold and silver that you take into your own possession (or for the timid, perhaps 20-30%, whatever you feel comfortable with). Cash in your retirement accounts. The penalty you pay will be nothing compared to what you will pay if you leave it there. The prices are bottoming out now or will very soon. Start dollar cost averaging NOW (buy some each month.) All the precious metals experts and trends researchers who are credible (not controlled) in my opinion are saying that 2016 will be the year for the turnaround in precious metals prices, as the fiat currencies like the dollar collapse. Do some research. For those in the St. Louis area I recommend Scotsman’s Coins on Olive Blvd. Tell them “Doc” sent you. I get nothing for telling you that. I’m just trying to keep the good people financially strong so we can do battle with the bad people (the elite private Central Bankers, such as  the private Federal Reserve, who have engineered this crisis; as well as their crony politicians.)

Don’t make the mistake that nearly all people make, waiting until the price is high before getting in. BUY LOW, SELL HIGH. Most people do the opposite. It’s called jumping on the bandwagon when it is getting ready to make a U-turn.

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial adviser. There is always risk with any investment. Do your own research.



America Has Become a Police State – Guest Editorial

The following is a guest editorial from an author who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation:

One of the many disturbing issues in the US is the collusion of the justice, executive and legislative departments of government. Not only does each collude with the other, but they conspire amongst and between themselves to cheat, rob, malign and imprison self-sufficient, caring, hardworking citizens.

The proliferation of red light traffic cameras, and the millions of laws, make it impossible for law abiding people to escape fees, fines and, in too many cases, imprisonment for minor offenses and for many behaviors that used to be considered honorable. Example: being arrested for pulling a gun on a burglar in your own home. Red light cameras have been proven to cause accidents and make the people less safe, yet they are not being taken down and police chiefs in every jurisdiction with red light cameras continue to spout the lie that these cameras make intersections safer. In Florida, they even shortened the yellow light so they could get more revenue from people running the red lights, even though research proved that lengthening yellow lights by just one second reduced accidents by sixty percent.

Policing is now a revenue generating operation. Protecting and serving is what they claim. Arrest and ticket quotas are the real name of the game.  No one in the police department will admit to quotas but they are there. They have nice sounding names like performance standard and minimum performance expectations.  Federal money is given for drug arrests and police departments are being given surplus military tanks, rocket launchers and other weapons meant for destruction, not protection. More police are not the answer. Police are a large part of the problems we have in the US. They are very brainwashed and believe that their unconstitutional searches,  checkpoints and arrests for unpaid parking tickets and not appearing in court are helping to make the people safer. It is exactly the opposite. The police are also used by the political class to harass and instill fear in their opponents or those they want to intimidate and dominate.

This is what a police state looks like.

Political dissidents and the self-sufficient are being targeted by code enforcement bureaucrats at the local, state and federal levels. Mike Parsons,  a Christian pastor and farmer from Tennessee, was jailed for winning the election as city manager against a corrupt incumbent. They tried him on false charges, seeded the jury with family members of the man he won the election from. Mike found himself in jail for seven years. An innocent man, whose “crime” was exposing the corruption of the people in local government.

Too many police believe they are above the law and that they can be judge, jury and executioner. The amount of police brutality is on a par with the behavior of the Nazi’s toward the gypsies and Jews. Handcuffs so tight they destroy nerves are not a rarity. Pulling the arms behind one’s back so far up that it pulls muscles anddislocates shoulders is not unusual behavior for police officers. Tazering people so they fall and incur brain damage is not unusual. Shooting bean bag rounds at senior citizens from ten feet away is not considered cruel and unusual punishment. Those bean bag rounds are meant to be shot at crowds in outdoor settings from at least thirty feet away. Those bean bag rounds can kill. Shooting at senior citizens with butter knives in their hands is considered justifiable.  Tazer power has been increased at least five times since they were first used by police in the 2000’s.

Why do we have pedestrian enforcement patrols in some cities whose job it is to give tickets to people who cross the crosswalk against the light or cross at a place other than a designated crosswalk? More revenue generation. By every measure crime is down. Why do we have so many police? Shouldn’t we be downsizing police departments? Why are police in some cities harassing people who are walking their dog or jogging, demanding ID? I don’t bring my ID when I walk the dog. There is no law that requires we have ID at all times, only when driving. Why are police patrolling rivers now and hassling people on float trips and on boats? They are making what used to be fun a hassle and dangerous with their attitudes and pointing their guns at innocent people. Why are fishing and hunting licenses required? Feeding oneself is a good given right. The rivers and lakes belong to the people, not the government.

St. Louis Chief of Police Sam Dotson Says You Only BELIEVE You Have a 2nd Amendment Right!

“I understand the Second Amendment, and I understand everyone’s right, or their belief that they have a right to bear arms,” he says. “It doesn’t give them a right to use that weapon.” *

Apparently , according to this would-be tyrant, we only BELIEVE we have a right to keep and bear arms and we do NOT have a right to use them! Obviously, Chief of Police Sam-the-Nazi Dotson DOESN’T understand the Second Amendment at all! This is a VERY DANGEROUS man for St. Louisans!


A local television evening news program reported on March 25th, 2014, that Sam-the-Nazi-Dotson said, when referring to this year’s Soulard Mardi Gras celebrations, “Concealed carry permit holders should leave them at home!” This is a clear case of a tyrant arbitrarily passing an ordinance by decree. There is no law! In fact, the highest law of the land–the Constitution–confirms that you DO have the right. But according to this scum you have to do what the police say because the police say it.

THIS IS WHAT A POLICE STATE LOOKS LIKE! Hate mail badly needed for St. Louis Police Chief Sam-the-Nazi-Dotson, who said that you only BELIEVE you have a right to keep and bear arms. He has a blog and a Twitter account which are linked on the official website of the St. Louis Police Dept:

Please share so as many people as possible can tell this pig what we think about him. Don’t mince words–tell it exactly as it is. This man is truly an enemy of the very Constitution that he took an oath to protect and defend. We have to stand up to these people and call them out for what they are: oath breakers and traitors who should be tried for treason and sentenced when found guilty. Those who act like sheep will be ruled by wolves. How do you like being ruled by a police state!

* SOURCE: Riverfront Times – New St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson: “More Guns Is Never The Answer”


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Whole Foods Market Wants Their Customers Disarmed!

Whole Foods Market has instituted a corporate policy of disarming their customers when they shop–And what YOU can do about it!wholefoodsmarket

I was shocked today when I visited my local Whole Foods Market and noticed a “No Concealed Weapons” sign on the door. I asked  to speak to a manager to whom I expressed my dissatisfaction, promising that I would not shop in the store again unless the sign was removed. When asked if other Whole Foods Markets were doing the same thing he said, “They should be. It’s a corporate policy now.”

I then drove to the other Whole Foods Market in my area and noticed that there were no such signs on their doors. I again asked to speak to a manager, this time to congratulate him and to tell him that their location would receive all my business in the future, even though I would have to drive slightly further. He told me that even though it was a  corporate decision, they did not agree with the policy and would not display the signs as long as they were not forced to do so by corporate.

What YOU can do about this affront to your Second Amendment rights!

Go to the Whole Foods Market website and send them feedback expressing your opinion and promising that you will not shop in any store that displays the “No Concealed Weapons” sign, an affront to your Bill of Rights. Then visit your local Whole Foods Market and look to see if there is a sign on their front door. If there is one, ask to speak to a manager and express your concern. (Be nice! The manager might be on your side. This is a corporate decision, not necessarily a store decision.) If there is NOT a sign forbidding concealed carry then ask to speak to a manager and congratulate him or her for not going along with the corporate decision. Here are some talking points:

  1. Concealed carry endorsement carriers are law-abiding citizens who have had a background check done by the FBI and who have complied with all state laws pertaining to carrying a concealed weapons. We are NOT the enemy and we do not appreciate being treated like second-class citizens.
  2. Criminals do not pay attention to such signs. In fact, nearly every mass shooting has been done in such a “gun free” location. Criminals choose such locations because they know their victims have been disarmed and are helpless to defend themselves.
  3. Stores like Whole Food Markets who demand that their law-abiding shoppers are disarmed are not making their customers safer, but are in fact putting their customers in harm’s way by insuring that only criminals will have weapons in their stores.
  4. Should a shooting occur in their store, they can and probably will be sued by any customers who are harmed, either physically or emotionally, because Whole Foods Market put them in a dangerous situation where their customers would not be allowed to defend themselves and where only the criminals would have guns.

Please take action now! Whole Foods Market is a national chain and they will be setting a dangerous precedence if they continue their corporate decision to disarm their customers. It is time for gun owners to go on the offensive. And be sure to vote with your feet, or with your dollars, by avoiding all businesses that display the “No Concealed Weapons” sign, AND ASK TO TALK TO A MANAGER AND LET HIM KNOW IT!wholefoodsmarket2

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What American Independence Day Is Really About

John Adams considered the American Revolution and the American Revolutionary War as two separate things. When asked when the American Revolution was won, he said April 19th, 1775, because it was won in the hearts and minds of the American people when they decided on that day that YOUR freedom was worth fighting and dying for.

Revolutionary War Soldiers: Rally of the People

Revolutionary War Soldiers: Rally of the People

You see, many Americans knew that they would face death on that day, when for example they stepped out from their front door and took a shot at British solders, knowing full well that it meant certain death. They obviously did not do such a thing for themselves. They did it for their progeny, AND FOR YOU!

Despite what you learned in the Federally-run public schools, the American Revolution was not started over taxation without representation. It began over the confiscation of powder and ball. THAT is where our Forefathers drew the line. They knew that the difference between free men and slaves is the right to keep and bear arms.

The day after the bloody battle of April 19, 1775, John Adams rode through the countryside to view the carnage that had taken place the day before. Some years later he wrote the following:

“Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make good use of it! If you do not, I shall repent it in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it!” John Adams – April 26, 1777

Will your progeny grow up to be free men and women or slaves?

That’s up to you! We are living history today. Posterity will look back on the events taking place today and will judge our generation for the actions we take–or fail to take–to preserve their freedom. When your grandchildren ask you what you did during the American Revolution will you hold your head high?

The American Revolution began when the government came for the powder and ball of our forefathers. It was where they drew the line. Where will you draw the line?

The American Revolution continues, as long as it continues in the hearts and minds of Americans like you.

On this Independence Day, remember those Americans who sacrificed everything for your freedom! And ask yourself what you will be willing to sacrifice so that the next generation of Americans might be able to live free. For each generation of Americans owes their liberty to the generation before them, and is responsible for passing the American legacy of liberty on to the next generation. That is why the motto for Oath Keepers is:


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The Chicago Mafia is Now Our Federal Government

“Pay us the money and we will protect you from the thugs who will smash up your store if you don’t.”

All the warnings from the control freaks in government about the “fiscal cliff” and “sequestration” are no more than the thinly veiled THREATS of organized crime. The government “prints” all the money they want for themselves, their foreign allies in conquest, and their bankster partners in crime, creating money out of thin air. They don’t need your taxes. They tax you to impoverish you, to keep your spending down to keep inflation under control (inflation caused by their “printing” and spending of money.) The threats of sequestration, the fiscal cliff, etc. are to scare Americans into accepting AUSTERITY!

What is austerity?

“You must make do with less, so we can have more.”

Don’t fall for this gangster tactic! Accept the fact that WE ARE RULED BY CRIMINALS! And then do something about it.

Those who act like sheep will be ruled by wolves.

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