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When the Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces) Troops Invade the US, How Are You Going to Recognize Them?

Russian Paratroopers 2005
When the Russian Spetsnaz (special forces) troops invade the US, how are you going to recognize them? The Chinese soldiers, some already positioned in Mexico, will be easy to recognize, but the Russians are Caucasians who look like typical Americans. Both will be invited into the country by the communist traitors in Washington DC, to help fight “terrorism” (that’s YOU) and to help “restore order,” so you won’t be told who or where they are. These special purpose/special forces troops from Russia (recruited in kindergarten and brought up their entire lives in military training) already speak perfect English with no accent, and they will be wearing American uniforms (possibly Department of Homeland Security uniforms–see video linked in postscript below.)

So how will you know them?

Look at the above 2005 picture (their faces not their uniforms) of Russian paratroopers and tell me how you will be able to tell them from American soldiers. The answer is more obvious than you may think. Note the characteristic Russian soldier smirk. You will be seeing a lot more of that as the economy collapses. But the most obvious clue is this: NO MINORITIES! US troops consist of a very high percentage of minorities, including women. When you see a group like this, YOU WILL KNOW YOU ARE PROBABLY LOOKING AT THE ENEMY!

How can you tell for sure?

In the current treacherous and treasonous political climate, it isn’t always easy,  for some people, to recognize the enemy. This is how you can tell:  The enemy will be hurting American civilians and violating the U.S. Constitution. This rule will apply regardless of the nationality of the enemy, even if they are Americans themselves!

Russian, Chinese, and private mercenary soldiers do not take an oath to the Constitution. And for their entire lives the Russian and Chinese soldiers  have been looking forward to raping America.  (Due to the Chinese one-child policy, which has resulted in the abortion of far more baby girls than boys to insure that there is a son in the family, there are many more men than women in China.) They are about to get their chance, as the globalists who have seized our government are plotting to take down America, destroying American morality first (mission accomplished), then the economy second (nearly completed), and finally American sovereignty, as necessary steps to their one world bank and one world fascists government.

Russian Spetsnaz Soldiers on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan in 1988

Note: As illustrated in the above photograph of Soviet Spetsnaz solders, taken in 1988 on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, there are some Mongoloid Spetsnaz solders.

Jan 17, 2014, UPDATE: IMPORTANT (click link to read.): The Imminent Invasion of the US Has Been Planned for Decades

Nov 21, 2013, UPDATE:URGENT READ: The Chinese Military Will Be Knocking At Your Door:
“In joint [U.N.] training exercises being conducted between the US military forces and various foreign military forces, they are indeed going to the next level by training to seize American guns being stored in American homes. And, in the future, these foreign troops will likely consist of Russian and Chinese troops operating under the auspices of the United Nations.” Urgent Read! Read entire article at:

Oct 19, 2013, UPDATE:
Russians: “These Dumb Americans Will Find Out How Dumb They Are on November 7th.”

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Postscript: Russian troops have already been spotted in the US wearing Dept of Homeland Security uniforms. See for just one example. You can find many others.

Also, watch this related video:

A Spetsnaz soldier training to kill the enemy by backflipping over barbed wire and throwing a hatchet at a target with deadly accuracy.

A Spetsnaz soldier training to kill the enemy by backflipping over barbed wire and throwing a hatchet at a target with deadly accuracy.

Spetsnaz Soldiers

Spetsnaz Soldiers

Those Who Act Like Sheep Will Be Ruled by Wolves!

Hollow Point Bullets

Imagine that ripping through your flesh at 1350 feet per second! The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), along with other government agencies including the IRS, have ordered TWO BILLION of these in just the past few months FOR DOMESTIC USE. (That means YOU and ME!) Now you have to ask yourself why is the government so intent on disarming the American people? And why has the DHS ordered targets depicting normal civilians, including pregnant women and children, to (admittedly) desensitize their officers so they won’t hesitate to shoot civilians? (See previous post “Thank You DHS for Uncloaking” and the image below.)

That’s enough ammunition, by the way, to keep the unconstitutional globalist wars in the Middle East going for 12 years. BUT they will not be used in Middle East wars, nor in any war. They will be used right here in the good old USA. Hollow point rounds are illegal to use in war according to international agreement because they cause too much tissue destruction. They are a good round to use for self defense, however, because of their stopping power. The police use them as do many gun owners. My concern is not that these shouldn’t be used (I have them), but why does our government think they need 2 BILLION of them?

The government is preparing for a war against the American people. The people sense this which is why gun and ammunition sales have skyrocketed over the past months. Perhaps it is because we all know that they are coming for the guns. The first step to gun confiscation is registration (perhaps thinly disguised as background checks.) If we comply, we will get what we deserve. Those who act like sheep will be ruled by wolves! Can you say, “Baaaaaa”?

Dept of Homeland Security Shooting Target

The Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) has ordered millions of targets of women and children, including this target of a pregnant woman in her nursery, in order to (admittedly) desensitize their officers so they won’t hesitate to shoot civilians.

The War on Terror was Always for the American People!

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Thank You DHS for Uncloaking!

This is the photo that is FINALLY waking up some of the people I’ve been trying to wake up for years to the encroaching police state tyranny! Thank You Department of Homeland Security for Uncloaking!

Dept of Homeland Security Shooting Target

What are the rest of you waiting for? Are you waiting for them to come after your guns? Oh…wait…that is already happening!

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and some police departments are using these shooting targets to (admittedly) “desensitize our officers to shooting civilians,” particularly women and children apparently. (Yes, they have targets of small children – See the one below. By the way, ALL of the new civilian targets are white people. Make of that what you will.)

DHS Shooting Target

DHS Shooting Target

DHS Shooting Target

For those still in denial, I remind them that over the past few months the DHS, along with other governmental agencies including the IRS, has ordered over TWO BILLION hollow point rounds.  Hollow point bullets are illegal to use in international conflicts, according to international agreement, because they are designed to inflict the maximum amount of tissue damage possible. Although they can not be used in war, they can be used domestically. (The police use them.) These rounds are for the American people. Two billion is an unbelievably  huge number of rounds, enough to keep the wars in the Middle East going for 12 years or more! But they won’t be used in the Middle East. They are for YOU!

Add to that the recently passed NDAA, with indefinite detention allowed for American civilians, without charge, without trial, and without due process of any sort, completely against our Bill of Rights! Ron Paul said that the indefinite detention of  the NDAA effectively put Americans under martial law!

If that still isn’t enough to convince some Americans, then what about these facts:

Obama has claimed the right to order the execution of any American citizen who he deems a threat, with no charges, no trial and no due process of any sort.

Congress has ordered 30,000 drones to be used domestically – like the ones that have already killed hundreds of innocent women and children in Pakistan, a country who is our ally! But these new drones, like the hollow point rounds, are not for the Middle East. They are for YOU!

For years now the DHS has been holding training classes for various local police departments, in which they teach them that the next terror threat is the American people, naming as examples Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, people who want to end the fed, people who are against the wars, and on and on.  In these classes they actually claim that this flag, a historical flag from American history, could be a sign of a terrorist:

Gadsden Flag

I could go on and on about how the government is preparing for a war against the American people, including the Patriot Act, and the hundreds of executive orders which have eviscerated our rights and given the government unlimited power to spy on us…


And most Americans are still in denial! I’m living in the freakin’ Twilight Zone!

The “War on Terror” was ALWAYS for the American people. WAKE UP!

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Follow up: I have received some comments from people who think the Law Enforcement shooting targets of pregnant women and children are fake. Although it appears that the vendor, Law Enforcement Targets Inc., has removed some of the images due to public outrage, they were not impressed enough to remove them entirely. (Perhaps you can help persuade them.) They are still available for order on their web site and you can still see the actual targets by clicking on the “enlarge” magnifying glass icon on the following web pages. Their motto is “Targeting for a Safer America.” I don’t know about you but these don’t make me feel safer! Safer for whom? Tyrants?

The Zombie Apocalypse is Real!

And guess what…YOU are the zombies!

This weekend I saw a Blackhawk helicopter fly over the outdoor gun range I was shooting at (Bush in St. Charles County), no where near any military installation. Many across the nation have noticed an increase in military drills in American cities.  In Florida a Blackhawk was recently firing LIVE blank ammo over a city. The army has admitted that it is to accustom the military to the idea of firing on American civilians, so when the need arises they won’t hesitate. They are calling these “Zombie Exercises.” This is all admitted!

In the Vietnam War the enemy was called gooks. In Iraq Hoggies. In WWII Japanese were called various names including slant eyes, devils, etc. It’s all to dehumanize the enemy to make it easier for soldiers to kill them. Today the enemy that the army is training to kill, in the U.S. at least, is called Zombies. Guess what? YOU ARE THE ZOMBIES – the walking dead!

You have been demonized and dehumanized to make it easier for soldiers to kill you. I predict most of the actual killing will be done by UN troops, at least at first. But after a few govt-sponsored false flag killings where police and soldiers are killed, they will kill you with relish! (Note how rabidly the police went after the recent cop killer in California.) When the time comes to fire on us, civilians won’t have to kill any police or military…the govt will do it on our behalf! This has always been their modum operandi (look up false flag terrorism.) Welcome to police state tyranny.

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If Not Now, When?

I just received an email from Vice-President Joe Biden with the subject “If not now, when?” In this email he presented lame excuses for why they must pass their unconstitutional gun control scheme. Here was my response:

“The problem is not the types of guns or magazines or inadequate gun registration, but prescription drugs and gun free zones!

“Why is no one looking at the connection to prescription mind-altering drugs, which all of these crazies are on? Read the admitted side effects of these drugs, as listed on the inserts, and you will see the real cause of these shootings.

“Every shooting has taken place in a “gun-free” zone by crazy people on prescription mind-altering drugs…Facts that you conveniently ignore, because they don’t further your agenda for gun control.

“You are misguided when you want to ban military style weapons and close gun show loop holes and limit the capacity of magazines. I am against all these as they are restrictions on my ability to defend myself adequately, to practice my 2nd amendment rights, and are they are clearly unconstitutional. They are attacks on our rights, not the problem!

“We also don’t need more feds in the schools, as you proposed — just another expensive government boondoggle. Instead, get rid of gun free zones, and let the people protect themselves like the 2nd amendment calls for.

“Your plan to increase psychological “services” will just mean more people on these mind-altering drugs which are the real problem, along with government restrictions on our right to defend ourselves. That will be like pouring gasoline on the fire. As usual, government will not provide the solution, it will just add to the problem! Eliminate gun free zones!

“In summary, you and Obama are NOT proposing any realistic solutions to any real problems. Instead you are shamelessly using the deaths of these children to advance your long-sought after agenda for disarming the American people. We are not all as dumb as you think. We recognize a tyrant’s attempt to takeover when we see it.

“You and Obama both are traitors to your oaths to defend the Constitution, and before this is all over, we will see you tried and hopefully convicted and sentenced for the crimes you have committed against the people and against our Republic.

“If not now, when? NEVER, Mr. Tyrant! Come and take it!” [End of my response to Biden.]

Do not comply with unconstitutional executive orders, even if they end up being rubber-stamped by Congress. They don’t have the authority to take away our rights! They can only take what we give them!

All unconstitutional orders from the president, and even laws passed by the Congress, are nullified, unless we give them our consent by complying with them. That is what they are counting on. We must not give in!

We, the people, have the moral high ground and we must never give that up! In any war, it is those who have the moral high ground who win in the end.

Future generations of Americans are ALL counting on us. We are making history today! If not now, when?


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First New State Gun Ban Law Passed Since Sandy Hook!

FIRST NEW STATE GUN BAN LAW PASSED since wake of Sandy Hook, passed yesterday by New York REPUBLICANS! (NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 15, 2013, )

1) Bans semiautomatic pistols and rifles with detachable magazines and one military-style feature. (Doc: The “military-style feature” provision is completely irrational as far as reducing crime is concerned. In my opinion it is a statement that civilians are not going to be able to own firearms that are even closely-equivalent to government-owned firearms! This is a government power-grab!)

2) Bans magazines that hold more than 7 rounds. (Doc: This includes virtually every handgun magazine and many rifle magazines, including the magazines that come standard with nearly every pistol!)

3) Bans semiautomatic shotguns with one military-style feature. (Doc: Most anything can be considered a “military-style feature,” such as foldable stocks, pistol grips and flash suppressors.)

4) New Yorkers who already own such guns could keep them but would be required to register them with the state. (Doc: Sets the stage for FULL CONFISCATION. Registration is always the step taken prior to full confiscation, so that when they make their move, they will know exactly where every gun is located.)

5) Creates a state-wide database of all gun owners including finger printing and 6 month background check. (Doc: Treats gun owners essentially the same as CONVICTED sex offenders. But the gun owners have not been convicted of anything!)

6) Suspicious purchases (e.g., large amounts of ammo) have to be reported by dealers. (Doc: Requires gun dealers to act as spies for the government. So much for buying in bulk to save money!)

7) Requires mental health professionals to report “dangerous” individuals. (Doc: Requires health professionals to act as spies for the government.)

8) Expands the powers judges have to order mentally ill patients to receive outpatient treatment. (Doc: Remember this, the new diagnostic manual of the APA lists people who distrust the government as mentally ill. Today, those who DON’T mistrust the government are mentally ill! This is the same strategy used in Soviet Russia when the Communists took over to eliminate political dissenters, arresting them and locking them up in mental institutions. The end result: 60 million Russians murdered by their own government. This will happen here too, unless we stop it now!)

“I think today we are setting the mark for the rest of the country,” said Sen. Malcolm A. Smith.

Personal note (Doc): DO NOT COMPLY! This new law is completely unconstitutional. Regardless of what the courts (who are also compromised and corrupt) will say, this law is illegal and unconstitutional and must be NULLIFIED BY THE PEOPLE.

We have the MORAL HIGH GROUND HERE, DON’T GIVE IT UP! It is the government that is acting OUTSIDE THE LAW! This is the line in the sand for many Americans, STAND YOUR GROUND! We will stand together or we will hang separately!

If we comply, we give the government our consent, which gives their unconstitutional law legitimacy. That is why it is absolutely imperative that we DO NOT CONSENT BY COMPLYING!

DO NOT REGISTER YOUR GUNS!  As I said above, REGISTRATION ALWAYS PRECEDES CONFISCATION! That is what this is leading to. If you won’t say NO now, do you think you will say NO when they come to get your guns?

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Urgent Call to Action: Obama Inauguration Day Protest!

I’m calling on all patriotic Americans to fly your American flags upside down on January 20 and 21, Obama’s inauguration day, as a Distress Signal. Spread the word! Tell everyone you know!

This act does not represent disrespect for the flag or the Republic. According to the Flag Code, Title 36, U.S.C., Chapter 10 paragraph 176 item (a):

“The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

What could be more dangerous to life than having our right to self defense infringed on, or the NDAA with indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or trial? Obama has even claimed the right to decide what Americans can be killed with no due process whatsoever! We are under attack! The Republic is under attack! Danger! Danger! Danger!

Our property is in extreme danger through confiscatory taxes and through socialism and communism which Obama is committed to. We are all in extreme danger and our Republic is in distress!

This is not about Obama. He is a puppet! This is not a Republican vs Democratic thing! The Republican Party is just as corrupt as the Democratic Party. Our elections are fraudulent, which means that our government is fraudulent. The U.S. government is illegitimate! We are living under an occupied government intent on destroying our Republic and our people as well. Warning! Warning! Warning!

Watch this video and like and share it. This may be the most important video I have made. Make a video of your own. Tell everyone you know on Facebook and other social networks. Spread the word. Fly your flag upside down on January 20 and 21 and tell everyone you know to do the same!

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