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Two Important Prognostications for 2016


I think we are headed for a currency crisis that is going to make the financial crisis of ’08 look like a Sunday School picnic. -Peter Schiff

When all else fails, they will take us to war. -Gerald Celente

My opinion: The time is NOW to turn ALL your dollar-denominated assets into real physical gold and silver that you take into your own possession (or for the timid, perhaps 20-30%, whatever you feel comfortable with). Cash in your retirement accounts. The penalty you pay will be nothing compared to what you will pay if you leave it there. The prices are bottoming out now or will very soon. Start dollar cost averaging NOW (buy some each month.) All the precious metals experts and trends researchers who are credible (not controlled) in my opinion are saying that 2016 will be the year for the turnaround in precious metals prices, as the fiat currencies like the dollar collapse. Do some research. For those in the St. Louis area I recommend Scotsman’s Coins on Olive Blvd. Tell them “Doc” sent you. I get nothing for telling you that. I’m just trying to keep the good people financially strong so we can do battle with the bad people (the elite private Central Bankers, such as  the private Federal Reserve, who have engineered this crisis; as well as their crony politicians.)

Don’t make the mistake that nearly all people make, waiting until the price is high before getting in. BUY LOW, SELL HIGH. Most people do the opposite. It’s called jumping on the bandwagon when it is getting ready to make a U-turn.

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial adviser. There is always risk with any investment. Do your own research.