America Has Become a Police State – Guest Editorial

The following is a guest editorial from an author who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation:

One of the many disturbing issues in the US is the collusion of the justice, executive and legislative departments of government. Not only does each collude with the other, but they conspire amongst and between themselves to cheat, rob, malign and imprison self-sufficient, caring, hardworking citizens.

The proliferation of red light traffic cameras, and the millions of laws, make it impossible for law abiding people to escape fees, fines and, in too many cases, imprisonment for minor offenses and for many behaviors that used to be considered honorable. Example: being arrested for pulling a gun on a burglar in your own home. Red light cameras have been proven to cause accidents and make the people less safe, yet they are not being taken down and police chiefs in every jurisdiction with red light cameras continue to spout the lie that these cameras make intersections safer. In Florida, they even shortened the yellow light so they could get more revenue from people running the red lights, even though research proved that lengthening yellow lights by just one second reduced accidents by sixty percent.

Policing is now a revenue generating operation. Protecting and serving is what they claim. Arrest and ticket quotas are the real name of the game.  No one in the police department will admit to quotas but they are there. They have nice sounding names like performance standard and minimum performance expectations.  Federal money is given for drug arrests and police departments are being given surplus military tanks, rocket launchers and other weapons meant for destruction, not protection. More police are not the answer. Police are a large part of the problems we have in the US. They are very brainwashed and believe that their unconstitutional searches,  checkpoints and arrests for unpaid parking tickets and not appearing in court are helping to make the people safer. It is exactly the opposite. The police are also used by the political class to harass and instill fear in their opponents or those they want to intimidate and dominate.

This is what a police state looks like.

Political dissidents and the self-sufficient are being targeted by code enforcement bureaucrats at the local, state and federal levels. Mike Parsons,  a Christian pastor and farmer from Tennessee, was jailed for winning the election as city manager against a corrupt incumbent. They tried him on false charges, seeded the jury with family members of the man he won the election from. Mike found himself in jail for seven years. An innocent man, whose “crime” was exposing the corruption of the people in local government.

Too many police believe they are above the law and that they can be judge, jury and executioner. The amount of police brutality is on a par with the behavior of the Nazi’s toward the gypsies and Jews. Handcuffs so tight they destroy nerves are not a rarity. Pulling the arms behind one’s back so far up that it pulls muscles anddislocates shoulders is not unusual behavior for police officers. Tazering people so they fall and incur brain damage is not unusual. Shooting bean bag rounds at senior citizens from ten feet away is not considered cruel and unusual punishment. Those bean bag rounds are meant to be shot at crowds in outdoor settings from at least thirty feet away. Those bean bag rounds can kill. Shooting at senior citizens with butter knives in their hands is considered justifiable.  Tazer power has been increased at least five times since they were first used by police in the 2000’s.

Why do we have pedestrian enforcement patrols in some cities whose job it is to give tickets to people who cross the crosswalk against the light or cross at a place other than a designated crosswalk? More revenue generation. By every measure crime is down. Why do we have so many police? Shouldn’t we be downsizing police departments? Why are police in some cities harassing people who are walking their dog or jogging, demanding ID? I don’t bring my ID when I walk the dog. There is no law that requires we have ID at all times, only when driving. Why are police patrolling rivers now and hassling people on float trips and on boats? They are making what used to be fun a hassle and dangerous with their attitudes and pointing their guns at innocent people. Why are fishing and hunting licenses required? Feeding oneself is a good given right. The rivers and lakes belong to the people, not the government.

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