The Chicago Mafia is Now Our Federal Government

“Pay us the money and we will protect you from the thugs who will smash up your store if you don’t.”

All the warnings from the control freaks in government about the “fiscal cliff” and “sequestration” are no more than the thinly veiled THREATS of organized crime. The government “prints” all the money they want for themselves, their foreign allies in conquest, and their bankster partners in crime, creating money out of thin air. They don’t need your taxes. They tax you to impoverish you, to keep your spending down to keep inflation under control (inflation caused by their “printing” and spending of money.) The threats of sequestration, the fiscal cliff, etc. are to scare Americans into accepting AUSTERITY!

What is austerity?

“You must make do with less, so we can have more.”

Don’t fall for this gangster tactic! Accept the fact that WE ARE RULED BY CRIMINALS! And then do something about it.

Those who act like sheep will be ruled by wolves.

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1 Response to “The Chicago Mafia is Now Our Federal Government”

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