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Whole Foods Market Wants Their Customers Disarmed!

Whole Foods Market has instituted a corporate policy of disarming their customers when they shop–And what YOU can do about it!wholefoodsmarket

I was shocked today when I visited my local Whole Foods Market and noticed a “No Concealed Weapons” sign on the door. I asked  to speak to a manager to whom I expressed my dissatisfaction, promising that I would not shop in the store again unless the sign was removed. When asked if other Whole Foods Markets were doing the same thing he said, “They should be. It’s a corporate policy now.”

I then drove to the other Whole Foods Market in my area and noticed that there were no such signs on their doors. I again asked to speak to a manager, this time to congratulate him and to tell him that their location would receive all my business in the future, even though I would have to drive slightly further. He told me that even though it was a  corporate decision, they did not agree with the policy and would not display the signs as long as they were not forced to do so by corporate.

What YOU can do about this affront to your Second Amendment rights!

Go to the Whole Foods Market website and send them feedback expressing your opinion and promising that you will not shop in any store that displays the “No Concealed Weapons” sign, an affront to your Bill of Rights. Then visit your local Whole Foods Market and look to see if there is a sign on their front door. If there is one, ask to speak to a manager and express your concern. (Be nice! The manager might be on your side. This is a corporate decision, not necessarily a store decision.) If there is NOT a sign forbidding concealed carry then ask to speak to a manager and congratulate him or her for not going along with the corporate decision. Here are some talking points:

  1. Concealed carry endorsement carriers are law-abiding citizens who have had a background check done by the FBI and who have complied with all state laws pertaining to carrying a concealed weapons. We are NOT the enemy and we do not appreciate being treated like second-class citizens.
  2. Criminals do not pay attention to such signs. In fact, nearly every mass shooting has been done in such a “gun free” location. Criminals choose such locations because they know their victims have been disarmed and are helpless to defend themselves.
  3. Stores like Whole Food Markets who demand that their law-abiding shoppers are disarmed are not making their customers safer, but are in fact putting their customers in harm’s way by insuring that only criminals will have weapons in their stores.
  4. Should a shooting occur in their store, they can and probably will be sued by any customers who are harmed, either physically or emotionally, because Whole Foods Market put them in a dangerous situation where their customers would not be allowed to defend themselves and where only the criminals would have guns.

Please take action now! Whole Foods Market is a national chain and they will be setting a dangerous precedence if they continue their corporate decision to disarm their customers. It is time for gun owners to go on the offensive. And be sure to vote with your feet, or with your dollars, by avoiding all businesses that display the “No Concealed Weapons” sign, AND ASK TO TALK TO A MANAGER AND LET HIM KNOW IT!wholefoodsmarket2

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What American Independence Day Is Really About

John Adams considered the American Revolution and the American Revolutionary War as two separate things. When asked when the American Revolution was won, he said April 19th, 1775, because it was won in the hearts and minds of the American people when they decided on that day that YOUR freedom was worth fighting and dying for.

Revolutionary War Soldiers: Rally of the People

Revolutionary War Soldiers: Rally of the People

You see, many Americans knew that they would face death on that day, when for example they stepped out from their front door and took a shot at British solders, knowing full well that it meant certain death. They obviously did not do such a thing for themselves. They did it for their progeny, AND FOR YOU!

Despite what you learned in the Federally-run public schools, the American Revolution was not started over taxation without representation. It began over the confiscation of powder and ball. THAT is where our Forefathers drew the line. They knew that the difference between free men and slaves is the right to keep and bear arms.

The day after the bloody battle of April 19, 1775, John Adams rode through the countryside to view the carnage that had taken place the day before. Some years later he wrote the following:

“Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make good use of it! If you do not, I shall repent it in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it!” John Adams – April 26, 1777

Will your progeny grow up to be free men and women or slaves?

That’s up to you! We are living history today. Posterity will look back on the events taking place today and will judge our generation for the actions we take–or fail to take–to preserve their freedom. When your grandchildren ask you what you did during the American Revolution will you hold your head high?

The American Revolution began when the government came for the powder and ball of our forefathers. It was where they drew the line. Where will you draw the line?

The American Revolution continues, as long as it continues in the hearts and minds of Americans like you.

On this Independence Day, remember those Americans who sacrificed everything for your freedom! And ask yourself what you will be willing to sacrifice so that the next generation of Americans might be able to live free. For each generation of Americans owes their liberty to the generation before them, and is responsible for passing the American legacy of liberty on to the next generation. That is why the motto for Oath Keepers is:


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