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Those Who Act Like Sheep Will Be Ruled by Wolves!

Hollow Point Bullets

Imagine that ripping through your flesh at 1350 feet per second! The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), along with other government agencies including the IRS, have ordered TWO BILLION of these in just the past few months FOR DOMESTIC USE. (That means YOU and ME!) Now you have to ask yourself why is the government so intent on disarming the American people? And why has the DHS ordered targets depicting normal civilians, including pregnant women and children, to (admittedly) desensitize their officers so they won’t hesitate to shoot civilians? (See previous post “Thank You DHS for Uncloaking” and the image below.)

That’s enough ammunition, by the way, to keep the unconstitutional globalist wars in the Middle East going for 12 years. BUT they will not be used in Middle East wars, nor in any war. They will be used right here in the good old USA. Hollow point rounds are illegal to use in war according to international agreement because they cause too much tissue destruction. They are a good round to use for self defense, however, because of their stopping power. The police use them as do many gun owners. My concern is not that these shouldn’t be used (I have them), but why does our government think they need 2 BILLION of them?

The government is preparing for a war against the American people. The people sense this which is why gun and ammunition sales have skyrocketed over the past months. Perhaps it is because we all know that they are coming for the guns. The first step to gun confiscation is registration (perhaps thinly disguised as background checks.) If we comply, we will get what we deserve. Those who act like sheep will be ruled by wolves! Can you say, “Baaaaaa”?

Dept of Homeland Security Shooting Target

The Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) has ordered millions of targets of women and children, including this target of a pregnant woman in her nursery, in order to (admittedly) desensitize their officers so they won’t hesitate to shoot civilians.

The War on Terror was Always for the American People!

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Thank You DHS for Uncloaking!

This is the photo that is FINALLY waking up some of the people I’ve been trying to wake up for years to the encroaching police state tyranny! Thank You Department of Homeland Security for Uncloaking!

Dept of Homeland Security Shooting Target

What are the rest of you waiting for? Are you waiting for them to come after your guns? Oh…wait…that is already happening!

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and some police departments are using these shooting targets to (admittedly) “desensitize our officers to shooting civilians,” particularly women and children apparently. (Yes, they have targets of small children – See the one below. By the way, ALL of the new civilian targets are white people. Make of that what you will.)

DHS Shooting Target

DHS Shooting Target

DHS Shooting Target

For those still in denial, I remind them that over the past few months the DHS, along with other governmental agencies including the IRS, has ordered over TWO BILLION hollow point rounds.  Hollow point bullets are illegal to use in international conflicts, according to international agreement, because they are designed to inflict the maximum amount of tissue damage possible. Although they can not be used in war, they can be used domestically. (The police use them.) These rounds are for the American people. Two billion is an unbelievably  huge number of rounds, enough to keep the wars in the Middle East going for 12 years or more! But they won’t be used in the Middle East. They are for YOU!

Add to that the recently passed NDAA, with indefinite detention allowed for American civilians, without charge, without trial, and without due process of any sort, completely against our Bill of Rights! Ron Paul said that the indefinite detention of  the NDAA effectively put Americans under martial law!

If that still isn’t enough to convince some Americans, then what about these facts:

Obama has claimed the right to order the execution of any American citizen who he deems a threat, with no charges, no trial and no due process of any sort.

Congress has ordered 30,000 drones to be used domestically – like the ones that have already killed hundreds of innocent women and children in Pakistan, a country who is our ally! But these new drones, like the hollow point rounds, are not for the Middle East. They are for YOU!

For years now the DHS has been holding training classes for various local police departments, in which they teach them that the next terror threat is the American people, naming as examples Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, people who want to end the fed, people who are against the wars, and on and on.  In these classes they actually claim that this flag, a historical flag from American history, could be a sign of a terrorist:

Gadsden Flag

I could go on and on about how the government is preparing for a war against the American people, including the Patriot Act, and the hundreds of executive orders which have eviscerated our rights and given the government unlimited power to spy on us…


And most Americans are still in denial! I’m living in the freakin’ Twilight Zone!

The “War on Terror” was ALWAYS for the American people. WAKE UP!

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Follow up: I have received some comments from people who think the Law Enforcement shooting targets of pregnant women and children are fake. Although it appears that the vendor, Law Enforcement Targets Inc., has removed some of the images due to public outrage, they were not impressed enough to remove them entirely. (Perhaps you can help persuade them.) They are still available for order on their web site and you can still see the actual targets by clicking on the “enlarge” magnifying glass icon on the following web pages. Their motto is “Targeting for a Safer America.” I don’t know about you but these don’t make me feel safer! Safer for whom? Tyrants?

The Zombie Apocalypse is Real!

And guess what…YOU are the zombies!

This weekend I saw a Blackhawk helicopter fly over the outdoor gun range I was shooting at (Bush in St. Charles County), no where near any military installation. Many across the nation have noticed an increase in military drills in American cities.  In Florida a Blackhawk was recently firing LIVE blank ammo over a city. The army has admitted that it is to accustom the military to the idea of firing on American civilians, so when the need arises they won’t hesitate. They are calling these “Zombie Exercises.” This is all admitted!

In the Vietnam War the enemy was called gooks. In Iraq Hoggies. In WWII Japanese were called various names including slant eyes, devils, etc. It’s all to dehumanize the enemy to make it easier for soldiers to kill them. Today the enemy that the army is training to kill, in the U.S. at least, is called Zombies. Guess what? YOU ARE THE ZOMBIES – the walking dead!

You have been demonized and dehumanized to make it easier for soldiers to kill you. I predict most of the actual killing will be done by UN troops, at least at first. But after a few govt-sponsored false flag killings where police and soldiers are killed, they will kill you with relish! (Note how rabidly the police went after the recent cop killer in California.) When the time comes to fire on us, civilians won’t have to kill any police or military…the govt will do it on our behalf! This has always been their modum operandi (look up false flag terrorism.) Welcome to police state tyranny.

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