If Not Now, When?

I just received an email from Vice-President Joe Biden with the subject “If not now, when?” In this email he presented lame excuses for why they must pass their unconstitutional gun control scheme. Here was my response:

“The problem is not the types of guns or magazines or inadequate gun registration, but prescription drugs and gun free zones!

“Why is no one looking at the connection to prescription mind-altering drugs, which all of these crazies are on? Read the admitted side effects of these drugs, as listed on the inserts, and you will see the real cause of these shootings.

“Every shooting has taken place in a “gun-free” zone by crazy people on prescription mind-altering drugs…Facts that you conveniently ignore, because they don’t further your agenda for gun control.

“You are misguided when you want to ban military style weapons and close gun show loop holes and limit the capacity of magazines. I am against all these as they are restrictions on my ability to defend myself adequately, to practice my 2nd amendment rights, and are they are clearly unconstitutional. They are attacks on our rights, not the problem!

“We also don’t need more feds in the schools, as you proposed — just another expensive government boondoggle. Instead, get rid of gun free zones, and let the people protect themselves like the 2nd amendment calls for.

“Your plan to increase psychological “services” will just mean more people on these mind-altering drugs which are the real problem, along with government restrictions on our right to defend ourselves. That will be like pouring gasoline on the fire. As usual, government will not provide the solution, it will just add to the problem! Eliminate gun free zones!

“In summary, you and Obama are NOT proposing any realistic solutions to any real problems. Instead you are shamelessly using the deaths of these children to advance your long-sought after agenda for disarming the American people. We are not all as dumb as you think. We recognize a tyrant’s attempt to takeover when we see it.

“You and Obama both are traitors to your oaths to defend the Constitution, and before this is all over, we will see you tried and hopefully convicted and sentenced for the crimes you have committed against the people and against our Republic.

“If not now, when? NEVER, Mr. Tyrant! Come and take it!” [End of my response to Biden.]

Do not comply with unconstitutional executive orders, even if they end up being rubber-stamped by Congress. They don’t have the authority to take away our rights! They can only take what we give them!

All unconstitutional orders from the president, and even laws passed by the Congress, are nullified, unless we give them our consent by complying with them. That is what they are counting on. We must not give in!

We, the people, have the moral high ground and we must never give that up! In any war, it is those who have the moral high ground who win in the end.

Future generations of Americans are ALL counting on us. We are making history today! If not now, when?


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