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You Might Be A Zombie IF…

You Might Be A Zombie IF…

55. Your disaster preparedness plans include eating your neighbors.

54. You believe anything the government-controlled mainstream media says.

53. You think the government is there to help you.

52. Your country is waging war yet you talk about sports.

51. You are NOT on a government watch list.

50. You use words like “glass parking lot” and “Let God sort them out!”

49. You think it’s normal to have a camera watching everything you do.

48. You think a drone is a male honey bee.

47. You think a Prepper is someone who wears Oxford shirts and Khaki pants.

46. You rely on the TV for news rather than alternative media that the government is trying to censor, like and Veterans Today.

45. You know trivia about your favorite sports team yet don’t know how many children your government has murdered with drone strikes.

44. You think gold is a barbarous relic.

43. You think people should be subject to the rule of law and go to jail if they commit crimes, unless they are bankers or work at JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs.

42. You think a “False Flag” is a flag.

41. You like bombing women and children on the other side of the globe.

40. You think the Constitution is an archaic document.

39. You think the Bill of Rights is multiple choice.

38. You have heard of the Bill of Rights but can’t describe at least three of them.

37. You think you HAVE a Bill of Rights!

36. You think the Second Amendment is about hunting.

35. You just got a flu shot.

34. You think the “O” in GMO  is for “Organic.”

33. You support a candidate because he is the “lesser of two evils.”

32. You think Obama is a Christian.

31, You believe Global Warming is caused by human activity.

30. You don’t own a gun.

29. You think there is a difference between Republican and Democrat.

28. You think being against socialism is racism.

27. You think voting third party is throwing your vote away.

26. You think 9/11 was committed by Arabs with box cutters.

25. You think Osama Bin Laden was killed during the Obama Administration.

24. You are willing to give up your rights for a little false security.

23. You think corporations are people.

22. You think Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have your best interests in mind.

21. You are afraid to drink raw milk.

20. You think parents should be forced to have their kids inoculated, or else have them kidnapped by the CPS.

19. You allow the TSA to sexually molest your children at the airport.

18. You do what the government tells you to do because “they know best.”

17. You fear terrorists more than you fear your own government.

16. You wet your pants whenever you hear the word “Al-Qaeda.”

15. You think you live in a free country.

14. You think that drones in America are for Al-Qaeda.

13. You think there were only two buildings that fell at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

12. You think the anger directed at America from the Middle East is related to how amazingly free we are rather than our foreign policy.

11. You did not support Ron Paul.

10. You think believing in The Constitution is a terrorist act.

9. You think George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were terrorists.

8. You are not concerned that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased over 1.4 billion rounds of ammo just in the past year.

7. You are not concerned that Congress appropriated funding for 30,000 drones, some of them weaponized, to be used in the US against the American people.

6. You are not concerned that the Department of Homeland Security now considers YOU as the most likely potential terrorist.

5. You think allowing a small group of unelected people (The Federal Reserve) to print unlimited amounts of money and distribute it as they please to their banker friends is a good idea.

4. You don’t know that you have not only a right, but a duty, to protest when your government overextends its authority.

3. You think a little inflation is a good thing.

2. You believe the inflation and unemployment numbers released by the government.

and finally, #1 You may be a Zombie if…

1. You are NOT Mad as Hell!

  • If only one of the above is true for you, Stop drinking the fluoride!
  • If two to four of the above are true for you, Turn off the TV!
  • If more than five of the above are true for you, Congratulations! YOU are the problem with this country!

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