The Green Agenda: “I think this planet is FAR better off with zero humans on it.”

Actual comment to one of my Youtube videos:

“I think this planet is FAR better off with zero humans on it. we are a disgusting, parasitic cancer…I wish I were a bird, or a dog, or even a worm…anything but an ignorant, conceded homo-sapien…”

I have no doubt that this person was dead serious (pardon the pun.) You have to feel sorry for this individual (who incidentally, on their Youtube channel described themselves as an Obama supporter), because they are a victim of the Green Agenda.

This is the type of individual the green movement (which should be called the red movement) is seeking to produce with their propaganda and lies. This agenda is really about making humans hate themselves, so they will be mentally and spiritually prepared when the great kill-off occurs. You see, these “Greenie Meanies” have stated over and over that they want to reduce the world’s population by 85% (some say 90% or 95% or even, like this poor soul, 100%.)

They call it the “Green Movement” in order to get well-meaning useful idiots like this Youtube commenter on board with them. But the Green Movement is really about the elite killing off the population so they can garner all the Earth’s resources for themselves. They could care less about the environment. This is also the goal of their UN Agenda 21, or “sustainable development.” They want humans off their land. They want to control the human population, after they have culled it down to size.

This control is also the reason for the U.N. gun ban. The only reason someone wants to take your guns, is so you can not defend yourself from them. Make no mistake about it… they want you dead!

I just received that Youtube comment and felt compelled to pass it on as a reminder,




They are the only things standing between you, and your annihilation by the insane psychopaths who we call the “Global Elite,” those who want one world bank and one world government, with them at the top! They want to wipe out the middle class leaving just two classes; a large underclass of serfs or economic slaves, and a tiny elite class ruling over them. THIS is the “Green Agenda” or U.N. Agenda 21.

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