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Ron Paul Scores Big Win in Missouri Caucus!

“Ron Paul Scores Big Win in Missouri Caucus!”

That should have been the headline news today, but you will hear nothing about it from the zombie-stream media.

You may have heard in the news a couple of weeks ago about how the St. Charles, Missouri caucus was shut down as a result of the antics of the Republican chairman because he realized that Ron Paul supporters were in the majority, which would have cinched the delegates for Ron Paul.

St. Charles, due to its size and number of delegates, as a suburb of St. Louis, was one of the most important counties in the Missouri caucus. Winning its large number of delegates would have insured that Ron Paul would win the majority of delegates in Missouri – the largest caucus state in the country!

You see, the controlled media will not tell you, that at this point the race for the Republican nomination could easily turn on a dime.

They control your thought by controlling the dialog in the media. This is one of their means for brainwashing the American people, to control their dialogs, and thus their thoughts, and their actions. They create a self-fulfilling prophecy. But we can break out of the trance by understanding the truth.

Well, due to grassroots demand, the St. Charles caucus was rescheduled for last night, and the chairman was instructed to run it fairly this time, because the integrity of the Republican Party was on the line and the American people were watching! The caucus went off without a hitch last night, And Ron Paul won all the delegates up for grabs. Did you get that?

All the delegates were won by Ron Paul!

Combined with the results from the other caucuses in Missouri, this means that Ron Paul is Scoring Big Wins in Missouri!

But don’t count on coverage from the zombie-stream media. Today, instead, they are reporting that Santorum has dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination “cinching” the Republican nomination for Romney.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Ron Paul and Romney are neck to neck in the race for the Republican nomination. But despite all this good news, Ron Paul was not mentioned even once by Fox news during their reporting of Santorum’s drop. They even talked about Gingrich, who does not figure in the race at all at this time, with no mention of Ron Paul, the real contender.

But you won’t hear this, because Ron Paul is like Holy Water to a Vampire, to the corrupt establishment, including the controlled media. With a promise of a one trillion-dollar cut in the federal budget in his first year in office – reeling in the uncontrolled growth of the central government – the corrupt establishment, Democratic and Republican alike, is pulling out all stops when it comes to cheating the American people out of the real candidate – the only one who plans to shut down the corrupt Federal Reserve and bring our troops back home from the banker-run unConstitutional wars of aggression.

Santorum was never meant to be a serious contender! I knew from the start, as I have stated over and over to my readers, that Santorum was nothing more than a Ron Paul spoiler!

As a supposed Christian (even though, unlike Paul, he has voted for abortion), Santorum was in the race to steal the Christian vote from the real Christian, Ron Paul. You see, there is no way that the Southern states would support a Mormon (Romney) over a born-again Christian (Ron Paul.) So the establishment promoted another Christian, Santorum, to divide the vote.

Now that Santorum has done his job, he was predictably discarded, as they turn the dialog now to Romney vs Obama. They know that given a choice between Romney, Vanilla Obama, and Barack, Chocolate Obama, the Christians and conservatives alike will vote for the “lesser of two evils,” and will vote for Vanilla Obama. (Folks, the lesser of two evils is still evil!)

These hapless people have been brainwashed to believe that if they vote for a third-party, they will be “throwing their vote away.” Of course, the reality is, no matter whether you vote for the establishment Republican (“Vanilla Obama”), or the establishment Democrat (“Chocolate Obama”), either way you are throwing your vote away, because the power behind the puppets is the same – the corrupt Central Bankers and the Military Industrial Complex! (The same supporters of Obama are also supporting Romney. You can’t lose when you back both horses – they think!)

Want more wars? Want less liberty? Want more taxes, unemployment and deindustrialization of America (their stated goal)? Ready to have your Bill of Rights trashed even further? Go ahead and vote for the lesser of two evils. You will get what you have coming to you!

But we don’t deserve this and will not allow it to happen! There is still a real choice. Ron Paul is still in the race!

The debate in the media at this time should be who will Santorum’s supporters go to? Santorum was (marginally) more closely aligned with Ron Paul than with Romney, so logically most of his supporters should go to Ron Paul. But the establishment media can not afford to allow this discussion to take place. They have already declared Romney the winner of the Republican nomination so they can now make the race between Romney and Obama – “Vanilla Obama” and “Chocolate Obama” – continuing to ignore Ron Paul as they have done from the beginning.

We Will Not Allow Them To Get Away With This!

As delegates to the Republican conventions, we will stand firm and support Ron Paul to the very end – no matter what! We realize that you can not compromise with the Devil! And we still have a good chance to save this country from the corrupt powers who want to destroy American sovereignty, along with their planned destruction of our economy, so they can establish their New World Order – one totalitarian world government with the corrupt unelected elite in power.

But We Need Your Help!

Pray from Ron Paul’s protection. Because his life is in danger. And pray that our country will do the right thing, and support liberty, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. Pray to End the Fed, the puppet-master pulling the strings of both Obama and Romney. And make a contribution to Ron Paul’s campaign:

We pledge to be in this fight to the end! Because we have children and grandchildren who do not deserve what the global puppet-masters have in store for them – debt slavery, annihilation of American sovereignty, and the end of liberty!

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