Here’s Your Flu Shot!

A Better Way to Protect Yourself this Cold & Flu Season

Vitamin D3 provides better protection from the flu and with no negative side effects! The effects of Vitamin D3 supplementation are many, and they are all beneficial! Better immune response, stronger bones and a more positive mood are just three of the healthful benefits of taking Vitamin D3 during the Winter season.

During the cold and flu season, we receive much less sunlight to our bodies—the primary natural source of Vitamin D. The sun is lower in the sky and the sunlight that reaches us has to pass through the Earth’s atmosphere at an acute angle, increasing the amount of atmosphere that it passes through which filters out much of its healthful benefits. Low levels of Vitamin D3 are responsible for poor immunity during the cold and flu season and are also linked to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder, or “Winter Blues.”) So this year, avoid the dangerous flu shot, whose benefits are questionable to say the least, and whose many hazards are well documented. Make Vitamin D3 supplementation your Natural Flu Protection. (For more information on the benefits of D3 including the medical research see Vitamin D and flu prevention — shining a light on seasonal flu bugs.)

Thinking About Getting a Flu Shot? Watch This First!

Order Vitamin D3 Here

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