Silver and Gold Buying Opportunity!

Last week’s dip in gold and silver prices, coinciding with a drop in the stock markets, has a silver lining. It’s a real golden opportunity for savvy precious metals investors.

This is your Buying opportunity, for those who were late to recognize and act on the precious metals trend, or for those who simply want to add to their precious metals holdings.

Yesterday I visited my local coin store and purchased as much silver as I could afford at the time. There was a couple there selling all of their gold jewelry. I have seen this mistake time and time again. No doubt they thought that the precious metals bull market was over and they wanted to sell their gold before the price went even lower. This illustrates something I have observed for many years: When it comes to precious metals, most people do the exact opposite of what they should do!

To make the most of your investments, you should buy low and sell high. But over and over I see people doing the very opposite, buying when the price is high and selling when it is low. I also noticed, however, that there were many other people at the coin store, which was busier than usual, who had recognized this opportunity and were buying gold and silver like me.

Why the recent carnage in gold and silver prices? Margin requirements were increased, which forced speculators buying on margin to come up with more cash, forcing them to sell some of their holdings to cover their new margin requirements. This was a blatant manipulation of the market for the purpose of scaring investors out of  precious metals, to prevent people from running to gold and silver as the other markets and the dollar collapse. This is not the first time they have done this. The important thing to keep in mind is that, as before, the manipulation will only temporarily run prices down. It’s like trying to hold a balloon under water. You might manage it for a few seconds, but the upward potential is so great that it will soon bounce back up, going even higher than before.

If you have any doubt about this pullback, which will frighten many investors as it is designed to do, just ask yourself if the fundamentals for the precious metals have changed. The answer is no. Then ask yourself this question: What is the future of the dollar? The answer is clear.  As reported in a recent Midas Resources article:

Several articles have appeared in the mainstream press over the past several months discussing some alternative to the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency of the world… Action has been taken to move in this direction, for example Russia and China have agreed to do some trading using each others respective currencies bypassing the need to move into U.S. dollars. There have been rumors over the years that some of the North African nations, and Middle Eastern nations were wishing to settle the oil trade in Euro’s rather than dollars. –

Gold and silver will go opposite of the dollar. This is as certain as the Law of Gravity. And the sad fact is the dollar is doomed (as engineered by the globalist elite bankers who have planned all along to deindustrialize America.) The economic and political fall of America is terribly unfortunate, and no patriotic American wants to see it happen. But since it is out of the hands of the average American, the best thing we can do is to protect ourselves and our families by insulating ourselves, to whatever extent that we can, from financial ruin, by putting our dollars in real money–gold and silver. This is also the best step that we can take, from a personal standpoint, to save our Republic, since financially ruined people will be powerless to resist the roll out of the banker-run world government. They know that financially ruined people will be so desperate that they fall for their lies and embrace the takeover of society, believing the propaganda that it will somehow help their desperate situation.

But make no mistake. This pullback in gold and silver prices is likely to be over very soon. I predict that we will have a very short window of opportunity here to buy at these bargain prices. We have just entered the time of the year (between Labor day and May) when precious metals prices usually climb. Act now, or be prepared to experience regret in the months ahead.

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