Why Does Our Government Sponsor False Flag Terrorism?

Why does our government sponsor false flag terrorism?

  1.  So that the massive slush fund that is the “war on terror” can be prolonged (the Military/Industrial Complex Eisenhower warned us about.)
  2.  So Americans will accept an endless state of unjustified, unconstitutional, and illegal genocidal wars.
  3.  So Americans will give up the liberties guaranteed to them by the Constitution and Bill of Right in the name of “keeping us safe.”
  4.  So Americans will accept – even embrace – martial law, illegal search and surveillance, and the police state which is being put in place to keep them in line during the political unrest which will result from the banker engineered collapse of the economy and their eventual takeover of society.

World Awakens to Government Sponsored False Flag Terrorism:

  1. Strategic Threat Assessment Matrix concluded that 7/7 was an inside job. Police Intelligence Analyst Fired For Blowing Whistle On False Flag Terror
  2. Conspiracy Fact: Every Major Terror Plot In U.S. Was Contrived
  3. “Fast and Furious” was a False Flag to attack the Second Amendment and Americans’ right to own firearms

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