Important Independence Day Video: They Want You Dead!

Who is really behind the depression, the decline of the dollar, the de-industrialization of America, the economic collapse, the terrorism, the wars, the corruption in government, the police state, and the green revolution?

Make no mistake about it: This is all being done by design and with a purpose. Following is an extremely important video because it explains it all, AND REVEALS THAT THEIR ENDGAME IS GENOCIDE–a reduction in the world’s population from 7 billion people to just 1 billion! THESE PEOPLE WANT YOU DEAD!

This new Lyndon LaRouche interview, which is abridged to 17 minutes in the video below, is most appropriate for America’s Independence Day. Be sure to watch it and share it with everyone you know:

If you are interested in watching this entire 3 hour show including the full Lyndon LaRouche interview here is the link to it:

In 1776 Americans declared their independence from the tyranny of the British royal family. Now that same global power has used the international banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve to seize economic control of America’s corrupt government, and is using our military to wage unconstitutional wars and war crimes to achieve world domination with mass genocide as their endgame-to exterminate 6 billion of the world’s 7 billion human population! As they use our money and military to wage their wars, they are installing the most oppressive police state the world has ever seen, so that the ultimate rebellion, which they anticipate, can be quickly squelched. Another revolution is needed to free ourselves from this evil and corrupt tyranny. This is what Independence Day is all about! Alex Jones interviews Lyndon LaRouche.

For Liberty!
“Survival Doc”

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