How We Are Protecting Ourselves from Nuclear Power Plant Disasters!

I have received several inquires from subscribers who are concerned about the meltdown of the nuclear power plants in Japan. In this post I will share my thoughts, but rather than give you advice, I am only going to tell you what we are doing. You do what you want with this information. I am not advising you to do the same but to inform yourself and to make your own decision:

I just acquired several bottles of liquid Dulse, a seaweed high in iodine. For now, we are simply going to take the product as directed on the label. The product was not designed for radiation exposure but rather for thyroid gland support. We plan to use it to help “load up” our thyroid glands with iodine as a preventative measure. (We live in Missouri. Be aware that if you live further west, you are even closer to any potential risks. The jet stream will carry the radiation across the Pacific and it could reach the U.S. in as little as seven days, and possibly sooner.)

Here is some background on iodine: The “radiation pills” used by the government and military contain an iodine supplement (usually potassium iodide.) These radiation pills work by “loading” the thyroid with iodine so that it will not absorb the radioactive iodine because it is already saturated with iodine. This is a widely used method for preventing radiation poisoning that has been in use by governments and militaries for many years. It is based on sound and proven science. I am not recommending the dulse form of iodine as a substitute for these radiation pills. We have the potassium iodide radiation pills in our personal emergency stockpile, just for nuclear emergencies like this. At this time we are not using these pills but instead are choosing to use the natural supplement Dulse, with its lower dose, as a preventative measure just to decrease our risk by starting to load up our thyroid glands.

I believe that everyone should include radiation iodine pills in their emergency supplies. There are nuclear power plants all over the U.S. (many states have several.) If you are not storing this important product in your emergency stockpile, hopefully now you will understand why you should. I order my potassium iodide from

When the threat is not imminent I prefer to take liquid dulse herb, a more natural and safe form of iodine that is highly bio-available. At this time we are only taking the liquid dulse form of iodine. If the emergency becomes more imminent we will use our stronger potassium iodide tablets.

Please be aware that both the Japanese and the US governments have long histories of under-reporting and even covering up nuclear accidents. So don’t believe everything you hear in the news. In my opinion, from listening to the experts, the danger is far greater than what they are admitting in the media. Watch this FOX news video. It doesn’t require any reading between the lines:

(I have no confidence in Fox news, and even less in the other major media outlets, but this expert who is interviewed in this segment seems to know what he is talking about.)

There are also some good reports at

Cover Up of Fukushima Chain Reaction Underway

Japanese Government Cover Up Foreshaws Mega-Disaster

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5 Responses to “How We Are Protecting Ourselves from Nuclear Power Plant Disasters!”

  1. 1 Margaret March 14, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    First time here, was looking for info on dulse, a seaweed snack I grew up on that is delicious to me, but something many others say is an acquired taste 🙂 – (it’s very salty), because of my concerns for some siblings on the west coast, and you are so right on about dulse!

    If you know anyone in eastern Canada, for example, where it is sold in the grocery store in baggies, call them up and ask them to send you some dulse.

    I think it would be a wise precaution. Plus, it’s never a bad time to eat dulse anyway! It’s loaded in many other great nutients, like vitamins C, A and B, and minerals, other than the most recently relevant iodine, but also potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium plus others.

    Thank you and best wishes!

  2. 2 survivalist March 18, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    Using Tincture of Iodine:

    I just learned about this: If you can’t get the iodine pills, you can use the tincture of iodine medicine that is normally for cuts and first aid. IMPORTANT, don’t take it internally. It is poisonous internally. You apply it to your skin and it is absorbed into the skin. I just heard about this today so I don’t know much about it. Use at your own risk or ask a professional for advice. Here is what I read: “An adult can get a blocking dose of stable iodine by painting 8 ml (two teaspoons) of a 2 percent tincture of Iodine on the abdomen or forearm approximately 2 hours prior to contamination.” (Reduce the dosage for a child in proportion to body size.) Don’t use a high dosage of iodine, like this one or the radiation pills, until just before you are exposed to dangerous radiation, or when govt officials tell you that it is time to use it (if you can trust the govt officials to tell you the truth!) Until that time, just use the herbal sources of iodine like dulse, with their lower dosages, if you have them.

  3. 3 Cody Uchiyama March 14, 2013 at 1:17 am

    Dietary iodine intake is obligatory for the production of thyroid hormones. Despite substantial public health advances over the past 3 decades, iodine deficiency currently affects 1.92 billion people globally.1 Dietary iodine requirements are increased during pregnancy due to increased thyroid hormone production, increased renal iodine losses, and fetal iodine requirements.2 Dietary requirements remain increased in lactation due to the concentration of iodine in breast milk..

    Please do find out about our very own webpage

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