An Open Letter to Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill Regarding Naked Body Scanners and TSA Groping in the Airports

Greetings Senator McCaskill,

I received your email regarding TSA and airport security and would like to make the following comments regarding what you said in that email:

Regarding the naked body scanners going into our airports you said,

It will better enable screeners to spot hidden explosives, such as the ones the “Underwear Bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to use last year.

That is a complete joke. Most everyone knows by now that the underwear bomber incident was STAGED, no doubt to instill fear in the people so that these illegal and unconstitutional airport procedures (which were ordered BEFORE the staged incident) could be brought in.

Passengers have the right to forego the scanner in favor of a search by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents.

That really isn’t much of a choice is it? You can get radiated by dangerous x-ray (I am a physician and I know exactly what the risk of this radiation is-and it is dangerous) or you can get groped by TSA perverts. That’s some choice!

“At no time will the machines save the images.”

That is blatantly untrue because they have already been caught saving the images. Just how ignorant do you think we are?

Security must be our first concern, but there also must be a proper balance and approach in providing that security to the flying public.

No, the 4th amendment, which protects us from these illegal searches, must be our primary concern. Fewer people die of terrorism than from bee stings each year in the US. Are you also going to kill all the bees in the name of protecting us?

I believe these measures are necessary in light of the threats to our nation from terrorists and the techniques they use,

Even if you actually believe the threat of terrorism is real, again, more people are killed by bee stings each year than by terrorism. I would rather live with the tiny danger of terrorism than have my wife and daughter groped by TSA perverts or radiated by dangerous x-ray.

This is not about our security. This is about making the American people submit under the boot of tyranny. Do the right thing. Stop these open attacks on our 4th amendment. You took an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution. So far, in my opinion, you have failed terribly in fulfilling this oath. I call on you publicly to take your oath seriously and protect our rights.

We are not children who need to be protected by our nanny government. (I believe, as did Thomas Jefferson and our other Founding Fathers, that our government is the biggest threat to our safety anyway!) We are not afraid of bogey men in caves in the Middle East. It is the tyrants in Washington that I fear the most! We need our representatives to do their jobs, and to PROTECT OUR RIGHTS! That is your duty. Again, I publicly call upon you to do your duty!

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