The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

The video below contains proof, from a Washington insider who has all the government documents to back it up, that the decline we have seen in our public schools is no accident! It is absolutely essential that everyone you know receive this information so they can make the right choice and home-school their children. Americans are being dumbed down deliberately, by design, as a prerequisite for establishing a 1984-style fascists, communistic police state in which every aspect of our lives is completely controlled by the government, which in turn is controlled by a ruling class of elites–the same elites  from the international banking class who have engineered the collapse of the dollar and the American economy.

This same video also contains proof, verifiable in these same government documents, which this whistle-blower provides for free on her web site, that there is essentially no difference between the Republican party and the Democratic party. They are both controlled by the same globalists. The fake dichotomy between left and right is for the purpose of making the American people think that they have a choice, and more importantly, so that when the people get fed up with one party they can throw all the bums out thinking they have made a change, while the real people in power–the puppet masters–remain in control. This is how they prevent the people from making any real changes in the power structure, even avoiding a revolution, which is what would happen if Americans knew what was really going on. Remember how people were complaining about Bush, who trampled the Constitution with the Patriot Act and got us into another Vietnam-style endless war? Now they are fed up again and are ready to throw out Obama and put another Republican back in, nothing has changed and nothing will change! That’s because the ultimate agenda of both parties is exactly the same! Meanwhile the globalists’ agenda, and the endless wars, continue to move forward as America becomes a controlled police state.

After watching the video below, be sure to watch the video below it, which reveals specifically who the puppet masters really are:

If you want to know exactly who these elite puppet masters are, watch this video:

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