Now is Your Super Buying Opportunity for Gold & Silver!

Typically, when September comes along, it kicks-off a hot six month run-up for precious metals. —

There is a common saying among gold and silver investors,

Go away in May and come back after Labor Day!

This adage reflects the seasonality of the precious metals markets. There are many reasons, including the Indian tradition of  Fall weddings,  the largest annual purchaser of  gold; and the tradition of European investors to sell and go on vacation for the entire month of August. I won’t go into further detail as to the reasons, because  it is sufficient to note that, regardless of the reasons, this has been a well-established trend for many years, and wise precious metals investors have always taken advantage of it! As the Austin Report notes,

Gold has averaged a 13% gain from the end of July until the end of December, for 5 of the last 6 years!

Now is Your Super Buying Opportunity for Gold & Silver!

I am still very bullish in my long-term outlook for gold and silver, and I believe that the metals should be accumulated over the long haul in order to protect yourself from the inevitable hyperinflation which will result from the orchestrated collapse of the dollar. Every indication is that the Fed will continue printing money until we see the complete demise of the dollar. It doesn’t matter whether the Democrats or Republicans have control of Washington, they are  two sides of the same worthless coin, or perhaps I should say slug. There isn’t enough wealth in the nation to pay off the debts and  obligations that these criminals have amassed, so devaluation of the dollar is their only recourse. They will wipe out their debt by wiping out the currency, because when the dollar is worth zero, their debt will be the same. It is imperative that you are not left holding the bag, as will be the case, unfortunately,  for most Americans. And this is by their design, as they plunder the nation, in order to transfer our wealth to the international banksters who pull their strings!

You must protect yourself now from this fleecing by putting your dollars in gold and silver. I believe that this is best approached as a long-term strategy, but why not pick up your metals when you can, at the same time, realize a short-term gain as well? And there is no better time than right now, when you can pick up your precious metals at a discount.

But don’t wait! You will be sorry if you do!

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