“BP Stopped the Leak but Not the Gusher,” Matthew Simmons

BP stopped the leak at the well head but not the gusher on the ocean floor!

Below is an mp3 file of a very important interview done by Eric King of  King World News with Matthew Simmons, who wrote the book on peak oil, Twilight in the Dessert.  This interview is not about peak oil but about the BP Gulf disaster. If this is true, then it is much worse than I originally thought–on multiple levels!

One thing that Simmons says in this interview is that the government is “at a loss” as to what to do. I don’t believe this. Just as Obama told Arizona Senator Kyle that he wasn’t going to secure the border until he got his amnesty bill through, he is without a doubt using this disaster to get his carbon tax (and probably his complete takeover with martial law) pushed through. Keep in mind that the evidence is leaning strongly in favor of the many experts who believe that this event was staged in the first place! (See the three YouTube videos at the bottom of  this blog post for the mounting evidence.)

Simmons says that the real immediate danger  is methane gas sitting on the ocean floor, which if brought up by a hurricane could kill (millions by implication) of people in the Gulf states. This methane gas is sitting in a lake of oil 500 feet deep. He said that this gas is much more toxic than benzene and hydrogen sulfide. He is suggesting a military takeover of the crisis (martial law) and evacuation of millions of people on the coast. (Obama’s agenda of a complete takeover and a police state will be met if millions are killed, so evacuation is not going to happen in my opinion. These people will be sacrificed, just as the people in Arizona,  Iraq and Afghanistan are being sacrificed.) Matt Simmons said that if he was on the Gulf coast he would evacuate NOW!

Listen to this important audio file:


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2 Responses to ““BP Stopped the Leak but Not the Gusher,” Matthew Simmons”

  1. 1 Barry July 21, 2010 at 6:56 am

    This is getting serious. I have read that this red stuff coming up is closer to what a volcano shoots out than what an oil well would produce.

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