Trader blows whistle on gold & silver price manipulation

Trader blows whistle on gold & silver price manipulation

What makes this story so important is that it is in the New York Post. Most of the articles about silver and gold manipulation (to temporarily prop up the collapsing dollar) have been in the alternative media, which is read mostly by people who already know it. When it hits the mainstream media like this, it means that things are starting to happen:

JPMorgan acts as an agent for the Federal Reserve; they act to halt the rise of gold and silver against the US dollar. JPMorgan is insulated from potential losses [on their short positions] by the Fed and/or the US taxpayer, Maguire said.

Shorting metal (selling metals that you don’t own) is a powerful way of manipulating the price downward. The problem for the people who are shorting is that they will lose money when the prices of the metals go up. No problem for J.P Morgan and the Fed, just have the tax payers cover the losses. They are not only screwing us, but making us foot the bill as well. The good news is that this works when investors are unaware of it, and more and more it is being exposed.

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