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Zimbabweans Pan for Gold to Buy Bread to Survive Hyperinflation

The people who suffer the most from hyperinflation and currency destruction are the poor. Government destruction of its currency is immoral and ends in the starvation of its people. It is  nothing short of wealth confiscation and genocide of the most insidious type.

Hyperinflation of the Zimbabwean Dollar through excessive money printing  has left the people with a currency that is worthless. Is this the future that Americans can look forward to, as the Fed prints ever-increasing amounts of unbacked paper money to finance runaway government spending and Wall Street bailouts? With their currency destroyed, Zimbabweans are forced to pan for gold to buy bread to survive. Click here for this must see video:

It won’t end until we end it! End the Fed Now!

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What Will History Say About the Year 2009?

“History will show that 2009 was the year Wall Street’s “too big to fail” institutions got even bigger as they pocketed billions in taxpayers’ money and issued massive bonuses; it was the year the US public was shafted; it was the year the President, coached by Wall Street advisors, never clued in to what was going on.”  –Nick Barisheff, The Bullion Buzz eNewsletter Jan. 5, 2010

“The year 2009 will be marred by recognition of the Untied States and United Kingdom as failed states, beyond remedy. My description is for the US-UK to have morphed into crime syndicate control of government bodies in a widespread sense. They have strangled their hosts, and sucked them dry. The nations of the world will embark on a mission to protect themselves from the imploding giants. The natural progression in failed nations is from democracy to fascism, from capitalism to the Fascist Business Model, from free societies to martial law. A tragedy has already begun. It will run its full course.” Jim Willie, CB. Editor,  Hat Trick Letter

“Frankly, when any Taxpayer-funded Government makes a policy of bailing out private obligations gone bad (and with no corresponding participation in the earlier profits of the bailees) it has more than a whiff of fascism about it.”  DeepCaster LLC

New Face of Fascism

“Fascism – – a system of government…that exercises a dictatorship typically through the merging of state and business leadership…” American Heritage Dictionary

“Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” Benito Mussolini, fascist dictator of Italy (1922-1943)
“Fascism is of course government working hand in glove with big business, often accompanied by “belligerent nationalism.” We’ve seen a little of that in the last eight years, haven’t we? Communism believes in “each according to his need, each according to his ability”, and a centrally controlled, planned economy, where prices, and wages are set by government dictate. What would you call a banking cartel/system that has a monopoly on money creation, artificially “sets” interest rates, and works closely with government, in a symbiotic relationship, to provide for the often questionable needs of politicians, while lining its own pockets?” Dr. James Glenn

“Some are alleging that the US government’s accelerating bailout of banks, insurance companies et. al. is socialism. Although it is government intervention in extremis, such intervention in the markets does not constitute socialism. The bailout of investment banks and corporations by the US government is fascism; the control and intervention of government by corporate interests designed to further corporate and state control. The multi-trillion dollar state support of JP Morgan, AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and now perhaps soon GM, Ford, and Chrysler is fascism, not socialism.” by Darryl Schoon, The Killers are with the Patient

“Today, our economy is a mixture of free market capitalism, socialism (welfare, entitlement spending) and fascism (central bank, big corporations in bed with the government). Which way will it drift? Contrary to what one might think, the gold bull market will go a long way in restoring a solid and constitutional economic foundation. Gold is pure. It is money, freedom and liberty. While all fiat currencies ultimately encounter the same fate, gold and silver as real money has stood the test of history. The most basic element of commerce is a stable medium of exchange. If an economy’s form of money isn’t sound what will happen to the economy? What would happen to airplanes if we built them with cardboard?

“It is true. We do not have free money nor do we have a free banking system. Rest assured, the flight from paper assets to hard assets will gradually expose both fiat currency and the Federal Reserve System for the frauds they are. In the process of hyperinflation, both the Fed and the government will destroy themselves in trying to prevent what they have made inevitable. I fully expect the dollar to be backed by some combination of gold and silver and the duty of handling the nation’s money to be returned to Congress as was intended by the Constitution. These developments, among others, would help refurbish a previously defaced economic infrastructure and ultimately lay the foundation for 21st century economic success.” Jordan Roy-Byrne,, The American Inflation

Obama's Trillion Dollar Bill--Be Afraid...Be VERY Afraid--("But it's only paper!")

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