The Chinese are Preparing for a Dollar Collapse

Are You Prepared?

China is now a big buyer of gold and silver for their banks. Chinese TV has been recommending that everyone should go to the bank to buy gold and silver. That’s 1.3 billion people getting propagandized. This is a major bullish factor for gold [and silver]. Perhaps the bankers have met their match. Increase your holdings of gold and silver bullion or coins. Take a whirl at the mining stocks as outlined in The Ruff Times.–Howard Ruff (Ruff Times E-letter, Oct. 21, 2009)

Obama has made it perfectly clear that he is willing to sacrifice the dollar to achieve his socialistic agenda. Foreigners know this and are preparing for a currency collapse. Americans are still in denial. Central banks are stealthily dumping their dollars. They know that when the fiat currencies collapse, the last one left holding the “hot potato” is going to get burnt.  They want to make sure that YOU are left holding the bag!

Buy Energy Stocks Too!

I am hearing this from all of the financial advisors that I follow. All of these experts are in agreement that energy stocks are going to soar over the next years. I am talking about a long term buy and hold strategy. I’m not talking about a short-term prediction (although most experts also believe that energy stocks will rise in the short term as well, but in the short-term they will be subject to temporary pull-backs, such as when the stock market corrects.) This would include oil, natural gas, uranium, energy related service companies, etc.- across the board.

These same experts are very bullish on mining stocks as well, particularly those involved with gold and silver. During the next stock market correction (see below) this could represent the buying opportunity of a lifetime–potentially a fortune-making buying opportunity!

The stock market has had a spectacular short-term run, based on unjustified optimism. Most commentators are claiming the economy is beginning to recover. The stock market has been reflecting their optimism for several months. As the optimism has finally begun to be tinged with pessimism, the stock market has topped out. You can now bet against the stock market. I don’t usually make “short-term” calls like this, but the stock market has made such a big, unsustainable rally, it will cave in big time..–Howard Ruff (Ruff Times E-letter, Oct. 21, 2009)

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