Obama’s Freudian Slip

Did anyone else catch Obama’s Freudian slip when he was discussing the recent piracy incident? He said that “we are committed to doing everything possible to put an end to privacy in that region.”Amazingly no one in the media has mentioned this to my knowledge. Obama, who wants more power for a bigger government,  is a socialist and staunch enemy of freedom. Our Founding Fathers understood that you can not have a free society without private ownership of the means of production–the very opposite of Obama’s big government socialism. Sigmund Freud maintained that such slips are never an accident, but are rather communications from the subconscious mind. In other words, Freud would say that Obama’s slip revealed his true desires, but what his conscious mind wanted to censor. The subconscious mind doesn’t know how to lie.

 Obama Reduces Americans to “Consumers”

When the “Leader of our Nation” addressed the American people during his state of the union address, did he refer to Americans as “the American people” or “citizens” or anything vaguely respectable like that? NO, he referred to us as “the American Consumer.”Thank you Mr. Obama for showing us your true colors. Not so much a slip this time but a real revelation about what is going on in that head.

In his eye-opening book, War on the Middle Class, Lou Dobbs had this to say about politicians who are in bed with the corporate elite:

Politicians have become viciously and vacuously partisan, and contemptuous of their constituencies. These forces are committed to a world order that views national sovereignty and borders as inconvenient impediments to trade and commerce, and our citizens as nothing more than consumers or units of labor in a global marketplace. (p. 4, emphasis mine.)

Obama, you have confirmed what we have suspected, you are a friend of the Corporate Elite, and an enemy of free American. No, Mr. Obama, we do not want to be referred to as “consumers.” We are the people! 

The Obama Deception: The following is very long (a movie) so wait until you have some time to watch a movie. But it is well worth it:

The Revolution is Coming!


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