This is your buying opportunity…Don’t miss it!

As I am writing this gold is down $60 ($944) and silver is down $1.60 ($18.33). This is a good buying opportunity  and quite possible the start of the big pull back or corrective move that I have been predicting. If this is the beginning of the pull back, then these prices could continue to trend downward for a while, perhaps as long as six months. But no one can make that prediction with any certainty. The fundamentals have not changed and regardless of where the bottom will turn out to be (it could be right now), gold and silver are bargains at these prices. The continued long term bull market is a certainty according to very strong fundamentals which have not changed. Therefore, you should not try to predict the bottom, but should instead dollar cost average by buying some gold and silver on a weekly or monthly basis all the way down through this correction, and then all the way back up again. This is a great entry point to either start your position in precious metals, or to add to it. Don’t pass it up!


4 Responses to “This is your buying opportunity…Don’t miss it!”

  1. 1 dkalense May 9, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    This is a wonderful blog. I am so glad I have been pointed to it. I am looking forward to following your commentary as time goes by. I noticed you haven’t posted since mid-March, I hope you will post again soon. Thanks for the effort you have put into this blog in putting forth your position concerning these very important issues regarding social and economic matters. Best wishes to you as your blog unfolds.
    kindest regards,

  2. 2 survivalist May 9, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    Thanks for your comments. I haven’t made a post since my last buy (gold and silver) recommendation because little has changed. In fact, the prices for gold and silver have pulled back even more, just as I expected, presenting an even more attractive buying opportunity. So I repeat:

    Buy, Buy, Buy….As much as you can! You will be sorry if you don’t!

    This may be the best buying opportunity ever! In the last quarter of this year, we will see soaring prices in the metals again. As sure as there is inflation, there will be soaring prices in the metals. And everyone (except the deceived) knows that inflation is in our future.

    Come this Fall and next year, there will be much gnashing of teeth, on the part of those who are not taking advantage of this pull back to load up on physical gold and silver NOW!

    Buy, Buy, Buy, Now, Now, Now! Follow my advice and then send me a thank you note next Spring. Don’t follow my advice and prepare to join the misled masses who will be gnashing their teeth next year.

  3. 3 dkalense May 11, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Surely everyone must agree with you that in a secular bull market, temporary pullbacks in price present buying opportunities. Regarding Gold/Silver specifically, we are clearly in a pullback mode since 17March. I take it you predict this pullback to be limited to the spring and summer, and by the fall Gold will be surging again.

    On 01May Gold hit a new low at 853.00 since its high 17March at 1011.25 (these are London fix prices, not intraday highs or lows). And this Friday last, 09May, Gold was fixed at 876.00. You mentioned ‘there will be much gnashing of teeth,’ in the Fall of 2008 and the coming year 2009; so, do you forecast new Gold highs in the Fall and continuing new highs into and through 2009?

    Do you think there is any possibility that this pullback could be more extended? say, a couple of years?

    In your blog entry of 18March you said, “We have already seen the dark first quarter. The creamy filling will be the result of the stimuli that the Fed and the government have instigated. But after that, starting in the last quarter of this year and extending into next year, the recession will turn into a depression.”

    How can a depression sustain an inflationary environment? How can Gold surge with the falling general demand which will increase the value of the USD? Do you think the USA could have a depression and the Global Economy not slowdown significantly?

    I personally do not believe a depression is coming, I see no evidence for it. I do think we may have an extended period of very low growth, and maybe a brief period of negative growth (in the USA). And in 2009, I think we will see a significant slowdown in the Global Economy. Again, how can the Global Slowdown not affect the value of the USD with the general production/consumption slowing? These factors can only stabilize and correct the falling USD. In fact, has this process not already begun?

    Does not Gold/Silver bear an inverse relationship to the USD and require an inflationary environment to continue its Bull run?

    just wondering,

  4. 4 survivalist June 2, 2008 at 10:33 am

    “These factors can only stabilize and correct the falling USD. In fact, has this process not already begun?”

    Yes, these factors are bullish for the USD. However, the bearish factors far outweigh the bullish ones. In the long run, the bears will win. Consider the 9 trillion dollar federal debt, and the 55+ trillion owed in unfunded liabilities (mostly social security.) The government can never pay these debts. They have two choices: 1) default on them, or; 2) destroy the dollar so that these debts can be paid in near worthless currency. (In other words, “print” enough money to cover the debts, and let the America people pay the price through the hidden tax of inflation.) Clearly, our government has indicated that it is willing to opt for the latter of these two alternatives. In fact, they have painted themselves into a corner to the extent that this is now (as they see it) their only alternative.

    “Does not Gold/Silver bear an inverse relationship to the USD and require an inflationary environment to continue its Bull run?”

    Considering the above, that is really a moot point. However, the price of any commodity is determined by supply and demand. I have covered the detail elsewhere, so suffice it to say at this point that the supply and demand fundamentals greatly favor a continued bull run for gold and silver.

    “Do you think there is any possibility that this pullback could be more extended? say, a couple of years?”

    Yes, that is certainly possible. I am more concerned with the long term. These temporary ups and downs, even if they last for years, will not matter to us in the long run. We should hope that indeed that is the case, because it will allow us more time to accumulate metals during this excellent buying opportunity. But regardless, I don’t think we will be so lucky to have a pull back that could last that long. I believe that the next run up for the metals will begin around September of this year. YOUR BUYING OPPORTUNITY IS RIGHT NOW!

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