This is just the beginning of the birth pangs…

How much worse will it get? Hyperinflation is just beginning to get underway. These are just the birth pangs before the big event:The recent soaring of commodity prices has led to many new criminal acts. I’m sure you have heard about the people who are stealing copper wires, pipes, etc. in order to sell the copper to scrap dealers. (Copper is currently selling at over $3 a pound.)  Copper gutters have been stolen off houses, and the electric company has had some of their transformers (which contain copper wire) stolen. Well, with platinum now selling at record high prices (today’s spot price for platinum is $1944 an ounce!) this was bound to happen. Check out the following news flash:

“Platinum Prices Create Crime
With the escalating price of platinum has come a new kind of theft: catalytic converter theft. Catalytic converters are a required part of every American automobile’s exhaust system as a way of combating hydrocarbon pollution. They need platinum (or other platinum-group metals) to function. Reports have come in from all over the nation of criminals cutting catalytic converters off automobiles, reselling the few grains of platinum within and leaving owners with replacement bills measuring in the thousands of dollars.”


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